4th Venture - Tech & Data Consulting


After gaining more confidence with entrepreneurship, I incorporated a management consulting firm. The company is in a sustainable growth track helping various clients from well-known multinational enterprises to startups. I continue to manage this consulting firm and have plans to grow it.


City University of New York - Professional Finance Certificate

Enrolled in professional finance studies in New York as well as teaching some classes on financial derivatives.

Social Support - Tanzania Blind and Albino Children


Was blessed with the opportunity to join a Danish team to help local kids in Tanzania and visited local school with hopes to comfort Tanzanian kids with diseases causing Albinism and blindness.

2006 - 2012

Skiing instructor in national team

Was actively involved in training of skiing teams at National level among with Olympic skiers and athleticism professionals.


MSc. in Finance

After successfully completing project milestones with Renault, enrolled in an intense 1 year M.Sc. in Finance program. Earned merit-based scholarship by an extremely competitive selection committee and gained great amount of new knowledge and skills in finance and economics.


Electrical Car Project - Renault

After engineering studies got involved with a local Renault supplier, after using French language skills during a visit by French executives got recognition. Accepted an offer to travel to Paris to coordinate Renault’s first electrical car project.


Swimming instructor to disabled children​

After hearing about local swimming pool’s program for children with mental and physical disabilities took a position to help as a swimming instructor.


Started an online coding initiative to help accelerate widespread adoption of new programming technologies. As of 2022, became one of the fastest growing online programming platforms in its niche and served 1 million users to date. It is used by academicians, enthusiasts, students, entrepreneurs and professionals world-wide.

HolyPython has recently been featured in University of Texas at Austin’s Department of Neuroscience, Tampere University of Finland, Hermes Universite Paris Saclay, City University of New York and many other prestigious institutions.


2nd Venture - Luxury Home Decor Marketplace

Co-founded a short-lived home decor e-commerce company. Unfortunately, this step into corporate-level entrepreneurship failed and valuable lessons were learned regarding business management.


Danske Commodities - Energy Trader

Got recruited by Denmark’s energy trading house Danske Commodities as a portfolio manager. Managed team of scientists, quants, meteorologists, traders and analysts, contributed to the record yearly profits of the company’s Emerging Markets desk.


Garanti Bank - International Investment Banking

Continued with investment banking activities, had the opportunity to improve business analysis of bank subsidiaries as well as global macro economy skills.


Deutsche Bank - Derivatives Trading Analyst

After accepting an offer at Deutsche Bank’s derivative market-making desk, a short term internship become a full time engagement. Created derivative trading tools and programs that had significant impact on the efficiency of derivative trading activities.

2005 - 2010

1st Venture - Nationwide success

Capitalized on the supply demand imbalance of Google’s early days. Built 15+ sites addressing these gaps in various topics. 5 of them became quite popular (topics: tech tips, tech trends, game news, digital photography) and 1 of them reached nationwide popularity with nearly 1M monthly unique visitors (topic: government jobs).


Engineering studies

Enrolled in mechanical engineering courses and graduated in 2008.


Umut is a management consultant based in London. He has finance/engineering blended background and 12+ years professional experience in related professional fields.